“Tiger King” Joe Exotic Gets The Lisa Frank Treatment And I Need This To Be On A Trapper Keeper

It was only time before Joe Exotic got the artistic treatment he deserves. And that artist is none other than ’80s phenomenon Lisa Frank. The creator of childhood psychedelic dreamscapes that decorated our school supplies (unicorn in space, dolphin in a pink ocean—anything fantastic and brightly colored) shared a rendition of the Tiger King, delighting fans of both Frank and the bat**** Netflix documentary that has taken us hostage while we’re all stuck at home.

“The internet gets what the internet wants,” Frank wrote on her Instagram account alongside the colorful artwork. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point.”

The artwork, which is by @arielhart.gif, is a pretty perfect rendition of Frank’s flamboyant style. I love how Joe Exotic’s ear has been stretched to accommodate all his piercings. He looks like an elf.

Netflix even chimed in on Frank’s comments sections: “Oh my god, I’m tossing out all my other binders rn.”

Twitter also got in on the appreciation.

Not everyone was thrilled, though. Some folks noted that they were disappointed in Frank for promoting art that depicts a man accused of animal cruelty.

Regardless of whether or not you love or hate the documentary, it’s sure fun to be reminded of better days when our toughest choice was figuring out which Lisa Frank pencil case to get while shopping for the first day of first grade.