“I Hope You Save Us Soon ‘Cuz I’m Really Really Sick Of My Family”—Adam Sandler Releases Ode To Doctors And Nurses

Adam Sandler, writer of funny songs and Serious Actor, recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition and performed his new “quarantine song.”

Saying that he didn’t have the words memorized yet, the Uncut Gems actor threw on some sunglasses and got jamming.

“Doctors and nurses will save us from this mess/If we get them the supplies they need/And I hope they save us soon/ ‘Cause I’m really, really sick of my family,” he sings.

“I’m teaching math to my kids, and that can’t be good for America,” he also adds—and I know that parents all over the country can relate to that one.

The song, which is essentially an ode to doctors and nurses, also has a few lines of advice that we’re now very used to hearing. Sandler sings that everyone needs to stay inside and wash their hands. He ends the song singing, “We love you doctors and nurses, you’re saving lives every day,” and that he also wants stuff to get back to normal so he can hug his mailman.