Woman’s Apartment Hunt Takes A Wrong Turn When Broker Accidentally Sexts Her

Looking for an apartment can go from 0-100 real quick–in many different ways. For starters, looking for an apartment can turn into a full-time job, especially if you live in a big city. Living in New York City, I can honestly say that looking for a place to live is a manhunt.
Not only are good apartments a dime a dozen, but brokers and agents are also vicious. If you speak to an agent and tell them that you’re looking for a new place, they’ll hunt you down like a lion hunts down its dinner–they’ll never stop calling you. Even after I already found an apartment I liked, I spent two-three weeks dodging calls from other agents and brokers (after telling them all I had already found a place).

Not only are brokers and agents pretty relentless, they can also be kind of creepy. Take it from Shannon Odell. The comedian and NYC resident was looking for an apartment for both her and her boyfriend to move into. After speaking with some brokers, she decided to take a look at an apartment she liked and set up an appointment with one particular broker.

But, hours later, she received a pretty raunchy text message from him…and that’s putting it lightly.


Obviously, this is rather…graphic. It would probably make going to see the apartment particularly uncomfortable. But, no worries, Shannon went anyway.

As it turns out, some people are not low when it comes to embarrassing “mistake” messages. Shannon said the broker “wouldn’t stop bringing it up” when she had gone to see the place.

People were floored with the exchange.

But, someone on Twitter was kind enough to point out just why this broker was into Governor Cuomo (no offense, seems rather random). Turns out, he was fioooooone back in the day.

Total babe if you ask me. Regardless, I still find it rather unprofessional to sext a potential tenant, no matter how chiseled Cuomo’s abs are. And, don’t you forget this very important statement…

I rest my case.