25 Of The Most Brutal Ways People Have Been Shot Down By Someone They Were Into


Literally today, I finally built up the courage to ask out one of my good friends (girl), and i’ve been waiting to do this for legit months. I introduced her to a friend a week ago. I just found out they started dating a few days ago.

I sad.



Seventh grade I asked a girl to the Halloween dance. She said she couldn’t go because she had to put a cake in the oven.



Late in the thread, but I once hugged a girl and she turned to her friend nearby and said “I love hugging jharrisnorton, it’s like hugging my dad!”



In middle school I had given a girl a note and earrings on Valentine’s day. I had finally built up the courage to give it to her. She was with her friend. They walked away for a few moments, and her friend skips back to me with the items and screams “REJECTED!”



8th grade; had a serious crush on a sort of preppy nerdy guy who was a fellow new kid to the school. My new “friends” thought it was a great idea to let him know I was crushing on him during a morning pep rally. Later in class he comes to my desk and says, “I heard you like me.” And rather than freak out about my secret crush, I calmly say, “yeah, sure, you’re cool.” He immediately laughs and says, “too bad for you I don’t date dogs.” And then he barked in my face. I think I was too shocked by his rudeness to cry at school and made it home before I crumpled.

That was over 20 years ago and still stings. Jason, you were a douche then and I bet you still are now.