Kanye West Throws Shots At Drake And Nick Cannon For Talking About Kim Kardashian In Heated Video

Kanye West seems to be in that dark place again because he’s going off on anyone and everyone who ever slept with (or claims to have slept with) his wife, Kim Kardashian.
In a video that he uploaded in parts to his Instagram account, West goes off on multiple people for talking about his wife in public. First, he starts with Nick Cannon. As many people know, he and Kim Kardashian had dated in the past. Kanye, while understanding their relationship, says that Cannon should “not bring up Kim’s name in any interviews at all” and respect him enough not to do so. Cannon had said that he believed Drake had some dirt on the Kardashian family–mainly Kim.

He then continues on to call out Drake for the theory circling the web that his new album, Scorpion, is filled with Easter eggs about his “affair” with Kim. The theory, which circled around the web, based a lot of their findings on “KiKi” in “In My Feelings,” being Kim–as well as multiple other hints throughout the album.

Kanye said that Drake was wrong to use “KiKi” in a song, regardless if it wasn’t about Kim, knowing it would add fuel to the fire. He also restated that he didn’t tell Pusha T about the album or his child, giving him information for his diss track.

People on Twitter had a lot of feelings about Kanye’s crazy breakdown and call-outs to Drake and Nick Cannon. Most people were over his sh*t and wanted no part of him any longer. Everyone basically thinks that it’s old news that Kim has been around and it’s making Kanye look pretty pathetic and washed.

One Twitter user even went in on a thread, saying Kanye is just one giant hypocrite.

Ouch. Not a good day to be Kanye West.