Someone Discovered That Drake’s New Album Is All About His Love Affair With Kim Kardashian

When it comes to Drake’s new album Scorpion, there’s a lot to unpack. Sure, we found out that Drizzy is actually a father after Pusha T aired his dirty laundry to the entire world on a diss track. When Drake came back at Pusha T, instead of attacking him, he went for his producer–Kanye West.
The Drake vs. Kanye beef seems to have been brewing for months, as the two are on the outs professionally. Now, people on Twitter are wondering if Drizzy has been hinting that he had an affair with West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, through various songs on his new album. A Twitter thread from Tyler Morrison breaks it down in detail–and it’s mindblowing.

He brought up some lyrics from Scorpion that threw shade a Kanye–but specifically brought up “your wifey” that can be heard on one of his tracks.

He also pointed out a sub-caption copying Kim Kardashian’s caption of “I’m shy.”

While people have been speculating who KiKi is in “In My Feelings,” Tyler claims it’s most definitely Kim Kardashian, as her nieces and nephews call her “KiKi” all of the time.

He also addresses the heat Drake took for “not responding” to the 2nd Pusha T diss, because Drake told multiple sources that if he came back at Kanye it would “ruin his life and career.”

He pulled even more lyrics that prove Drake gave it easy on Kanye for never revealing he’s slept with his wife.

He seems to speak “directly to Kim” on “Is There More” when he straight up calls Kanye West a “goofy,” which is a Chicago term for a “lame and a snitch.”

Tyler pointed out Drake’s been extremely close with the Kardashian family for years–being invited to family gatherings and living rather close.

His theory comes together with–Drake was going to release Scorpion and his Adidas line to tell the world about his son. He flew to Wyoming where Kanye West was recording to show him the tracks. Kanye, who has been working with Pusha T, showed Push the tracks and that’s where Push got his info for the diss. So, Drake is hitting below the belt letting Kanye know–he may be a snitch but hey, I f**ked your girl.

Turns out, other celebrities may know about the Drake and Kim Kardashian affair. Even Nick Cannon hinted at it during an interview. People on Twitter were shook AF learning this new information. Others say they knew all along.