Chelsea Peretti’s Photo Of How She Eats Cake Is Tearing The Internet Apart

Even though eating is often a social activity, our food preferences are deeply personal. Your favorite ice cream, preferred pasta shape, and method for soft boiling an egg are sacred to you, even if they seem strange to someone else. That’s why it’s best not to judge what other people like to eat. You don’t know how they were raised or what happened to them in life to develop their tastes. I firmly believe that, except in this specific instance of how Chelsea Peretti eats cake.

The actress and comedian shared a photo to her Instagram stories of a slice of cake that has been absolutely decimated. All the spongey goodness has been clawed out by her fork, leaving behind walls of untouched chocolate frosting.

“This is how I eat cake,” she casually writes, as though we’re not looking at a massacre. The photo sparked so much excitement on one social media platform, Peretti shared the cursed image on Twitter, too. It has ignited a firestorm indeed.

We are obviously being trolled. Why even eat cake, if this is how you do it? So much of what makes cake into cake is the icing! Just eat a brownie or a sweet muffin or a cupcake bottom. This is a nightmarish waste.

The picture has been divisive to say the least. There are a surprising number of people on Peretti’s side, which means so much cake is being wasted every day in this country. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes: pounds of icing in the trash. Why haven’t we come up with a solution for these cake freaks?

There are still some people standing up for cake as it was intended to be eaten. They’re brave and passionate folks, and I salute them:

A few are trying to come up with a buddy solution. One person eats the icing, the other takes the leavings. That sounds totally disgusting, but it would be efficient:

Peretti seems confused and surprised that her photo has caused so much debate. She is trending on Twitter, and shared an image of her newfound cake popularity on Instagram:

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is this a fever dream

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If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the bakery.