J.K Rowling Confirms A Viral Theory About How To Pronounce Hermione’s Name Correctly

Recently, the name game has been the center of media attention after Chrissy Teigen admitted people have been pronouncing her name wrong. While some names are incredibly hard to pronounce and others are just simple mistakes–it’s pretty embarrassing when you find out you’ve been pronouncing someone’s name wrong for years.
Any Harry Potter fan knows that some names in the series are not the easiest to pronounce, and, when reading novels it’s hard to know exactly how they should be said–but, nonetheless, we don’t want to be the Potterhead that’s saying a characters name completely wrong. Lucky for us, J.K. Rowling has prepared all of us fans for the mistakes we may make by providing little quirky slips on how to properly pronounce some of our faves names–like Hermione.

Twitter user @atulaak came up with a theory that J.K. Rowling had included the passage in Goblet of Fire between Hermione and Viktor Krum to make sure all Potterheads knew how to pronounce our girl Hermione’s name correctly throughout the rest of the series.

In the book, Viktor Krum keeps calling Hermione “Hermy-own,” to which she replies, slowly, “Her-My-Oh-Nee,” to make sure he can fix his pronunciation. It seems like a goose egg for fans. And, as it turns out, Rowling admitted that the theory was correct.

So, there you have it, folks. It’s HER-MY-OH-NEE, so don’t get it twisted.