Fly, Don’t Walk To Your Nearest Target To Snag A Talking ‘Harry Potter’ Sorting Hat Before They Sell Out

True Harry Potter devotees finally have a way of knowing which Hogwarts house they belong in without having to take a BuzzFeed quiz!

Real-life sorting hats have hit the shelves of Target and they sing and dance before sorting the wearer into their designated Hogwarts house. At a $24.99 price point they didn’t even need to make them capable of singing and dancing, though that extra punch of magic is certainly appreciated! ! !

Despite the lack of videos, an Instagram post by ultimate Target-shipper @ohtarget basically proves the hat is worth the investment. “OMG these singing sorting hats,” the account wrote. “These Harry Potter sorting hats sing and dance around, the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan!”

The biggest downside is that we are unable to predict how accurate this particular sorting hat is at placing the wearer in their appropriate house. If I were to place one of these on my skull and it screamed out “Hufflepuff,” for instance, I’d most certainly set it on fire.

The other drawback is that these hats aren’t available online yet, meaning you”ll just have to trudge your way on over to your nearest Target to snag one while you can. Worse things have happened!