20+ Ways To Get Psyched Up About Your Life Again

We’re supposed to live in constant joy and appreciation over the fact that we’re alive at all. And that’s true: anyone with the time to read this post is probably doing okay, on a grand scale. But the truth is, even in the most privileged existence, there are times when you need to reconnect to what you have. It’s so easy to let the every day stresses of life wear us down, to feel like we wake up to drudgery, work all day, then fall asleep to anxious dreams.

If you’ve been going through the motions, it could mean you need to find some new ways to make life exciting again. You could go on a dramatic Eat Pray Love tour, but often what effects the most change in our lives is an accumulation of little things. You need to show up for yourself every single day and do the small stuff that reminds you life can be exciting and different. Here’s some suggestion for getting started, and if you stick with them, I’m betting new ones will pretty quickly come to you:

22. Go Outside

It’s easy to forget how much being in nature can change your mood. Trees, animals, the sun shining on your face. If you’re in a city, walk through a park or green neighborhood. If even those aren’t within range, leaving your apartment and observing people outside yourself will help.

21. Keep A Gratitude Journal

Reminding yourself of the things you already have will make it easier for you to remember them when you feel like you have nothing. It’ll also wake your mind up to the possibility of wanting other things. New things.

20. Talk To Strangers

This flies in the face of what your parents told you, but striking up a conversation with a neighbor you’ve been avoiding eye contact with in the hallway might make a huge difference in your feelings of connection on a daily basis. You might even make a friend.

19. Do Something For Others

It can help to escape the cycle of your own thoughts when you concentrate on helping out people who need help. Even volunteering for a cause like helping the environment or a political campaign will give your something to concentrate on. But it can be as simple as showing up for a friend in need.

18. Travel

If you have the means, spending an overnight in a new location can make a huge shift in your perspective. It reminds you of what else is out there in the world, even fairly close by.

17. Let Go Of Grudges

When you’re carrying around resentment or anger towards someone, it’s more hurtful to you than to them. Let it go as much as possible, so you can move forward with your life unencumbered.

16. Move Your Body

Even adding a daily walk to your routine can help get the blood flowing and your mind working in different directions. You could do a yoga video, dance to your favorite tune in your living room, or take a class. Connecting to your body is an important part of life it’s surprisingly easy to avoid—and you shouldn’t.

15. Assume The Best

You don’t need to be a sucker to think the best of people. We tend to meet so much with suspicion before there’s a good reason. if you allow yourself to think well of others, you’ll think better of the world.

14. Envision A Better Future

Write a letter to yourself in five years, then in one year. Who is that person? Make it the best possible version of yourself, someone who has achieved all their goals. Let yourself believe it will happen.

13. De-Clutter

Being surrounded by stuff you don’t need or want can be oppressive. Sometimes it’s all tangled up in bad memories you don’t need anymore. Donate what you don’t need and trash what no one needs. Make space for new possibilities.