Is This Gear Shift The Dumbest Car Feature You’ve Ever Seen? Twitter Certainly Thinks So.

Several days ago, Twitter user @swaveyvicc retweeted an image of what another Twitter user named Jordan (@_xojordy) deemed the “worst gear shift ever.”

Now, before you ask, the comments suggest this poorly planned gear shift is a staple in either a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica van, or a Dodge Ram, or some other make and model that I got entirely too bored trying to fully research. And before you point it out, yes, the tweet is recycled, so do not @ me because I believe it still bears repeating.

(Also, don’t come at me with the semantics of “gear shift” versus a “gear analogue switch,” as one dude did on the OP. )

Now that’s all out of the way, here’s Jordan’s tweet:


And Swavey vic’s retweet:

And the original post, to give credit where credit is due:

The many shouts of “this design is terrible!” were matched equally in volume by those of “it doesn’t work like that!”

Because the smart folks over at Chrysler (or Dodge!) probably anticipated such a SNAFU, and so made it impossible to throw their vehicles into reverse without having them come to a full and complete stop first.


Anyway, this devolved into a conversation about bad car features.

So while the gear shift (or “gear analogue switch“) may not be quite as stupidly designed as the original tweets would have us believe, there is still danger. As this tweet exemplifies:

Stay say out there, y’all.