People Are Trolling Kanye West For Using His Daughter To Squash Beef With Drake

As many people know, Drake and Kanye West have had some drama between them over the past few months. It all started with Drake’s news that he is a dad.

Pusha T released a diss track that was a savage blow, revealing that Drake is a “deadbeat dad.” Drake had, apparently, only showed the Scorpion album to a few people before its release–incuding Kanye West. Since Pusha T and Kanye were working together on Pusha’s new album, Drake thought it was ‘Ye who spilled the beans on his dad news.  In case you forgot, Drake and Future helped West write “Father Stretch My Hands” on The Life of Pablo, West’s last huge album, so he was f**king pissed.

Pusha T hit Drake, and Drake came back to hit West–hard. But, when Pusha came back again, Drake fell silent. People were wondering why Drake hadn’t hit West and Pusha T again with a better diss track. Then, a fan theory online emerged with some pressing information: Drake kept silent because he had an affair with Kim Kardashian. Boom.

But, Kim Kardashian has denied all allegations that she’s slept with Drake.

Drake, however, seems to be continuing the beef with Kanye West. In a clip from a new song with French Montana, Drake seems to slip a line about telling “a girl” not to wear Yeezy’s around him–which many assume is Kim herself.

Now, after the affair rumors have gotten to the media and reporters, Kanye West has broken his silence on the Drake feud by using–what else–Twitter. West decided to go balls-to-the-wall with apologies and begging for forgiveness from the rapper, clearly not wanting to stir the pot.

Now, Kanye is coming back to social media on Instagram to post a video of his daughter, North West, singing…In My Feelings? Not only is it a pretty sad and pathetic attempt to squash beef with Drake, but, it’s also one of the songs that fueled the “Kim Kardashian affair.”

People on Twitter thought it was pretty sad and pathetic that Yeezy would use North West to make things good between him and Drake.

Ouch, y’all. Kanye can never catch a break.