Kanye West Just Profusely Apologized To Drake After Rumors Surface That He Boned Kim Kardashian

ICYMI, Drake and Kanye West are not on good terms. This year has been a pretty bad one for their friendship.
After Pusha T released a pretty savage diss track towards Drake, with the help of Kanye West, things were just going downhill for the former collaborators. In case you forgot, Drake and Future helped West write “Father Stretch My Hands” on The Life of Pablo, West’s last huge album.

Pusha T hit Drake, and Drake came back to hit West–hard. But, when Pusha came back again, Drake fell silent. People were wondering why Drake hadn’t hit West and Pusha T again with a better diss track. Then, a fan theory online emerged with some pressing information: Drake kept silent because he had an affair with Kim Kardashian. Boom.

The thread, which is detailed to specific lines in Drake’s new album Scorpion that hints at the affair between him and Kardashian, claims that Drake doesn’t want to “ruin” West’s life with this information he has. People have also seen similarities between Kardashian and Drake’s social media posts.

But, Kim Kardashian has denied all allegations that she’s slept with Drake.

Drake, however, seems to be continuing the beef with Kanye West. In a clip from a new song with French Montana, Drake seems to slip a line about telling “a girl” not to wear Yeezy’s around him–which many assume is Kim herself.

Now, after the affair rumors have gotten to the media and reporters, Kanye West has broken his silence on the Drake feud by using–what else–Twitter. West decided to go balls-to-the-wall with apologies and begging for forgiveness from the rapper, clearly not wanting to stir the pot.

He started off by sending good energy to Drake.

He went on to apologize for “stepping on Drake’s release date.”

He also denied having a hand in any diss tracks Pusha made against Drake.

He denied the accusations that he told Pusha about Drake’s son. Part of the theory was that Drake had flown to Wyoming to play Scorpion for West, admitting he did have a child. The rumors were that West played it for Pusha, who used the information against him.

He also said he understands where Pusha was coming from though.

But, he claims he’s coming to his show to “show nothing but love.”

People can’t stop laughing at Kanye’s apology, thinking that Drake must have some dirt on West.

Others say Kanye doesn’t want Drake messing with his Yeezy money.

Hip-hop is too wild right now.