Girl Wakes Up After A Drunk Night Out And Realizes She Stole Someone’s Dog

We’ve all had a few too many drinks at the bar and blacked out before we’ve gotten home. Between that “last shot” and waking up the very next morning–we can’t remember much. While we probably have texted our exes, posted embarrassing Snapchats, and probably lost something personal–I doubt that many of us have stolen a dog.
26-year-old Toni Robinson apparently had one too many drinks when she was partying and woke up the next morning to someone else’s furry friend in her bed. While it seems crazy to ever steal someone else’s dog, apparently Robinson is a serial dog stealer when intoxicated. It turns out, this was the third time she had kidnapped someone else’s pet.

As the story goes, Toni told The World News that:

We named the dog Violet as we were drunk on Parma Violet gin at the time.

The friends were out and saw the dog while walking home. They bonded with the pup and they decided to “take her with them” on the rest of their adventures.

We shared a bed with the dog, who we later found out was named Princess, and had a deep chat with it on our night out. We didn’t even think about the owners. This is the third time I have kidnapped a dog without realizing. When I woke up I realized what had happened when I heard the dog moving.

Luckily, the dog–Princess–had “run away” and escaped from her house, and the owners were relieved when they found out that Toni and her friends had her.