A Store Put A Photo Of Jeff Goldblum In Every Frame And We’re Sold

Jeff Goldblum has managed to hang onto everyone’s good will for decades, no easy task in Hollywood. Especially these days, when all the people you thought were great are falling from their pedestals. Somehow, Goldblum retains his position in people’s hearts. He’s aware of how loved he is and is very enthused about it. Did you know he likes it when fans call him Daddy?

Goldblum’s so popular, he’s become a selling point in a little thrift store with an absolutely genius flair for marketing. They know what we want!

Twitter user @Simonreah shared some photos from a “charity shop” of picture frames scattered amongst the bric-a-brac. Now, most folks would probably pass over an empty frame, unless it’s exactly what they’re looking for. Used frames hold pictures as a good as new, don’t judge. But someone on the staff is determined that these frames won’t get overlooked. They’ve put star material in every single one.

Let’s take a closer look at our golden boy.

We get to see him smiling at us with warm regard:

Sharing a naughty secret:

From fully-clothed to gorgeously exposed:

Both serious and playful:

I’ll take them all! I’m sure anyone buying these has absolutely no intention of ever replaces the images with boring old pictures of their friends and family. I might start replacing the photos in frames I already have with pictures of Jeff Goldblum, for that matter.

The idea has proved popular on the Internet. One person shared a picture from their office, where accumulating Jeff Goldblum photos is a normal pastime:

It always gets out of hand. You start with one Jeff Goldblum picture and before you know it, you’ve taped his face over your husband’s on all the wedding photos. He’s in the bathroom, the living room. There are Jeff Goldblum statues in the garden, and a knitted Jeff Goldblum blanket in the bedroom. Sounds crazy, but where there’s a market for crazy things, there are people lining up to buy.