Absolutely Batsh*t Video Shows A Woman Attacking A Bus And Running Over The Driver

Video released by D.C. police shows a woman smashing the windows of a Greyhound bus with a car jack, then proceeding to ram, and nearly run over, the driver of the bus.

The D.C. Police Department Twitter posted a video of the incident, adding that the suspect had been identified though an arrest had not been made.

The violent attack came after the woman, who was driving a gold-colored Audi, tried to illegally pass the Greyhound bus as they were traveling on the 1800 block of Bladensburg Road in Northeast D.C., according to USA9.

As she attempted to bypass the bus, the woman sideswiped another car. When the driver of that car confronted the woman at a red light, she “grew irate,” according to police reports, and the two began to argue.

At this point, the bus driver got involved. “You’re a crazy driver, you need to get off the road,” he said to her. In response, she retrieved a wooden baseball bat from the trunk of her car and began hitting the windshield of the bus, before deciding it was not inflicting enough damage and going for a car jack instead.

The driver then stood in front of the woman’s car and tried to call police. The woman is seen nudging him with her vehicle. At this point, the man taping the incident runs out and attempts to help the driver, who eventually collapses in the road.

Twitter was generally blown away by the batsh-t video.

Though the majority was simply flabbergasted at the way the bus driver insisted on jumping on the hood of the gold Audi repeatedly.

The woman’s identity has not been revealed.

h/t USA9