25 Times Anthony Bourdain Was A Big F*cking Mood

Anthony Bourdain was an exceptional chef and human being. Culinary adroitness aside, he nearly single-handedly transformed the manner in which Americans viewed food outside of their own dinner tables—as hand in hand with culture. Bourdain had reverence for cuisine but more importantly, he had reverence for those that created it.

He constantly reiterated the importance of sitting down with a family in order to bridge an understanding. Food was an entryway to culture, and not the other way around. Food was language. He was fearless and beloved by all. He will be greatly missed.

He was also hysterical, and never afraid to stand up for what he believed to be right. As the following tweets exemplify:

25. The time he wasn’t boycotting:

24. The time he appreciated the simple things:

23. The time he had no regrets:

22. The time he “helped” an Internet troll:

21. The time he noted the hypocrisy of Donna Karan defending Harvey Weinstein while promoting ads like this:

20. The time he liked rainbows. Also unicorns:

19. The time he absolutely roasted Ted Cruz:

18. The time he dropped this film review:

17. The time he called Donald Trump’s fingers “tiny, vestigial nubbins”:

16. The time he expressed how sad ketchup ramekins made him when paired with eggs:

15. The time he urged Rose McGowan’s detractors to do the right thing:

14. The time he pointed out the truth about conservative Twitter:

13. And the time he roasted Ted Cruz, again: