22 Epic Photos Of BFFs You’re Gonna Wanna Text Your BFF, ASAP

Having a bff is, well, not to be too on the nose, but it’s the best. A best friend is there for you when your relationships don’t work out, they know all your family drama, and also they’re around if you just need to decompress after a tough week and get wine-drunk in your apartment. But those are just the basics – a true best friend goes above and beyond in order to really make sure your life is as excellent as it can be.

Just like these 22 besties who really went the extra mile:

22. This guy in the booty shorts:

21. These creepy crawly ladies:

20. This excuse-provider:

19. These twinsies:

18. This banana bringer:

17. This abandoned bro-group:

16. These soccer fans:

15. These lighting designers:

14. These Bob Ross acolytes:

13. This tender hugging homie:

12. This footbal chef: