The Phrase ‘Mixed Weight Relationship’ Is Really Confusing Everyone

Dating someone with a different body than you is pretty much par for the course, unless you’re dating your twin. If so, please seek help. The rest of us generally don’t date people we can share all our clothes with. Until now, that hasn’t been something that needs a name, it’s just called being in a relationship. A new article from Yahoo News has decided to make things far more complicated by labeling the common experience of dating someone with a different body type as a “mixed weight relationship.” Excuse me. What?

Emma and Stuart Grundy are a couple in Manchester who have been dating since their teens. Emma is allegedly over 200 lbs heavier than her husband, a fact that someone decided needed to be covered by the news. Emma supposedly attracted attention after posting about her relationship to Facebook, writing, “He’s thin and I’m fat but that’s how we roll.”

Honestly, good for them. It’s nice when two people are in love. But why exactly does this need to be called anything other than “two people in love?” Writer Roxanne Gay commented on the idea on Twitter, which has brought it even more attention:

As most people are commenting, the entire concept is ridiculous.

It’s definitely the kind of thing that will catch people’s attention for being ridiculous, but slowly work its way into every day use. Some seem to see it as more insidious than stupid, warning that it’s going to be a phrase used to covertly body-shame people. If you make it seem like dating someone heavier than you is so strange and out-of-the-ordinary that it needs a whole special label, it will make people far more self-conscious about it. Consequently, they feel even more self-conscious about their own bodies and their relationships. That’s messed up.

Date whoever whatever size person you like with whatever size body you have. We’re only one this earth once, find love wherever you can.