30 Couple Tattoos That Aren’t Hella Corny

There are few things more obnoxious than couples who profess their love for one another a little too loudly. Here’s the thing: Love is the best. Everyone should love and treasure their partners. But once social media feeds become crowded with paragraph-long posts about loving an SO, and once very large His and Hers tattoos begin adorning bodies, you know that couple is headed for imminent disaster.

However, couples tattoos don’t need to be super lame. Here are 30 examples evidencing this:

30. Matching crowns:


29. Harry Potter glasses:


28. Milk & Honey:


27. Minimalist initials:


26. Bow & arrow:


25. Matching screwdrivers:


24. Hand-poked hand spheres:


23. Matching anchors:


22. A candle and lighthouse:


21. A buck and doe: