This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Account Just Tweets Out Wrong Answers And It’s Truly A Masterpiece

Anybody who has ever watched Jeopardy! (and if you haven’t, get out of my face immediately, I mean immediately!) has without a doubt seen an episode or several thousand of Wheel Of Fortune.

Meaning you’ve spent a solid several hours of your life, when all is said and done, screaming answers at the TV louder and quicker than your family members/roommates/SOs/house ghouls. It’s all a part of the game, baby!

If you are a believer that doing so is hella fun whether you are right or wrong, then HOO BOY have we got a Twitter account for you! It’s called Wheel Of Fortune Answers, and it deals exclusively in filling in the WOF puzzles with the wrongest answers imaginable.

It’s hard to put a finger on why, precisely, tweeting wrong answers to what is essentially a televised game of hangman results in such objective comedy gold. Certainly it is the blunt, often offensive message we imagine blurted out in a carpeted living room with impressive confidence, but there is more at play here.

Is it the complete disregard for the very basic rules of Wheel Of Fortune? (All the guesses contain letters already on the board, also, “FAASTTTTT,” sadly, is not a real word.)

Is it imagining a sparkling, gowned Vanna White, grinning broadly as she reveals “Thirsting For Shrimp Brothers” or “F-cking The Cat” as America’s popular answer to “What are you doing?”

Maybe. What certainly adds to the power of the WOF Answers Twitter account is the multitudes who with Herculean willfulness refuse to be in on the joke.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall some more of our favorites: