This Guy Accidentally Sent His D*ck Pics To His Entire Philosophy Class

Cell phones–they can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You know how it goes–sometimes we don’t mean to click on something but there’s no turning back once we do. And, we get angry that our phones would do us dirty like that.

While you may have gotten yourself into a bit of a mess by drunk texting an ex, or sending your parents a picture by mistake–nothing can be more brutally embarrassing than this one Twitter user who accidentally sent a d*ck picture to his entire philosophy class.

Meet Twitter user Marese.


He accidentally sent his d*ck to his entire philosophy class. Here’s how it happened:

And, he posted the proof that he actually did send the pics.


And, while the entire situation is hella embarrassing, Marese got himself a bunch of women looking for the real thing.

I guess some embarrassing moments in life have happy endings!

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