22 Tweets About Exactly What Made Good Dates Go Bad

Have you ever been on a date that seemed to be sailing along smoothly towards forever love when suddenly your dreams were shattered? The person you’d been having stomach butterflies over now just makes you want to puke. They’ve revealed something about themselves that is a total dealbreaker. What you know, you can’t unknow.

The hashtag #TheDateWasGreatUntil is like a roundup of every terrible date you’ve ever had. People have experienced everything out there, and much of it is a total nightmare. It’s worse because you started out having a pretty good time! Getting the rug pulled out from under you is so cruel. But it does make for good stories. Let your heart be soothed by these tweets, even if they convince you to never try dating again.

22. Was It Down By The River?

21. Setting Expectations Way Too Low

20. Set Everything To Private

19. Including Your Identity

18. Too Much To Explain On One Date

17. When The Fandom Doesn’t Match

16. The Last Straw

15. When The Hygiene Is TOO Good

14. Friendzone With A Side Of Fries

13. Killed Them With Confidence

12. The Dog Said No