Man Tries And Fails To Kidnap An 11-Year-Old Girl As Preteens Pummel Him With Coffee And Slurpees

One Michigan man’s kidnap attempt went horribly awry when several preteen girls launched an assault on him that included cold slurpees and hot coffee.

Bruce Hipkins grabbed the 11-year-old girl after she crossed the street with her friends outside of a gas station convenience store last week in Millington, Michigan. According to Millington Police Department Chief Jason Oliver, who spoke with USA TODAY, Hipkins  “grabbed the youngest and said: ‘You’re coming with me.'”

Her friends begged to differ.

“The girls turned around and started punching him,” said Chief Oliver of the 22-year-old failed kidnapper. “They threw coffee, slurpees. They used whatever they had.”

Oliver said that Hipkins then attempted to take another girl when he grabbed her by the hair. Her friends refused to let up and continued to pummel him with beverages until he eventually ran away.

The girls then ran to a hotel a block away to call 911, reports USA TODAY, and Hipkins was arrested just minutes later. He is currently serving time at Tuscola County Jail, facing four felonies and a misdemeanor.

Hipkins wears a coffee-stained shirt in his mugshot.