25 Hysterical Vintage Vines Guaranteed To Chase Away Your Sunday Saddies

The Sunday Saddies. We all get ’em. Those pangs of dread and depression that slowly sneak up on you nearly every Sunday without fail — a combination of lack of productivity, the knowledge you have a full five days of work before the weekend, and pure, unadulterated existential malaise — can only be combatted with one thing: laughter.

And what’s funnier than all those delicious Vines of yore? Literally nothing. NOTHING! The death of Vine was the death of laughter. Anyway, here’s Wonderwall Vape Tornado.

25. Woman Falls On Live Brazilian TV

24. I Tapped The Breaks

23. I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight

22. Vape Tornado

21. Fresh Avocado

20. Yass Cat

19. He Fell For 9 Seconds

18. You’re Not My Dad

17. I Think I Know More About American Girl Dolls

16. Freestyle Dance Teacher

15.Do It For The Vine

14. I Can’t Swim

13. What Up, I’m Jared, I’m 19, and I Never F-cking Learned How to Read