30 People Reveal The Moment They Realized: ‘Oh Sh*t, I’m An A**hole’


I was going to eat at a little Mexican joint in town. There were two Mexican looking people standing in the doorway. I said “oh, are you guys open?”….they did not work there.



I was teasing a chef I worked for about his english pronunciations and spelling (english was his second language). He finally got so pissed at me and asked me what other language I spoke fluently. Spoiler alert, I don’t, and I realized I was being a massive asshole. Sorry Chef.



So I’m in high school and work for a tutoring service called Kumon. Anyway, a lot of the kids are rather well behaved, but the few that are off task make work difficult for the other students and tutors.

This one day a kid, who I can only assume has ADHD, was throwing his pencil and making these high pitched yelling noises. Me and the other employees were trying everything we can to calm him down. Meanwhile, this one student(we’ll call him John) keeps complaining and saying things like “what’s wrong with him?” Eventually I got fed up and told the kids to do his work and was rather aggressive.

ff two weeks when I have to work with John one on one. Right before I do, my manager comes up to tell me he has autism and so I must be patient with the kid…

I’m an asshole



I actually have a devastating one.

So a few years back I noticed a post on Facebook from an old high school friend. She had been featured on the show MTv True Life, and it had just aired! I excitedly dropped her a line, telling her how cool that was and asked how it happened (her being on the show that is)

I didn’t get a message back for a few days, and when I did, it was just, “how do you fucking think?”. I was confused and taken aback. It had been a few years since we last spoke, and we weren’t super close but we were always friendly so I didn’t get where the hostility was coming from.


The episode she was in was titled’ ” I’m HIV positive”.

I messaged her before I went to watch the episode. I still haven’t recovered.



I was at a concert at an outdoor venue (so no assigned seats or anything) and a man carried his girlfriend up to the front with her on his shoulders, blocking the view of quite a few people. I was annoyed and said something loudly about how rude they were.

Several minutes later he returned her to her wheelchair.



Was at an event with an ex and they had those wooden cutouts for you to put your head through for pictures. She really wanted to do it next, but this mother and child next to us did as well and I happened to notice that the child had some developmental disability. My ex keeps trying to go up and its awkward and I grab her and tell her “hey just let them go first, he’s retarded” and the mother heard me. I felt like dying.



Went to the movies to see the first transformers movie. The guy behind us was way too excited whenever the robots would appear. It was annoying and I made a snarky comment so he would hear.

At the end, when we were leaving, I saw the guy… He had Down Syndrome.

I felt like the biggest piece of shit that day, and every time I remember, I feel just as bad.



I had a crush on this girl since 7th grade. We became good friends in high school. Gathered the courage to ask her to prom.

Was beaten to it by another dude who had cancer. Proceeded to convince myself that she only said “yes” because he had cancer. Got jealous that he had cancer. Realized this started to sound like a Super Villain origin story. Checked myself.

I actually ran into that dude last week at Target. I live in a completely different state nowadays by the way. I still got angry when I recognized him. A sign that it was my destiny to post in this thread.



A guy I work with was expecting his first baby with his wife, a son in fact. We were all talking at work and someone asked if he was going to circumcise him and he said they weren’t sure yet. I chimed in and said I know for a fact women prefer circumcised penises, I said no woman wants to suck on an ant eater. Not remembering I’m in a group of guys from all ages, one of the older guys said I’m not circumcised and neither are my sons. I felt like a true asshole and that moment has really stuck with me. I really offended him and insulted his kids



I got a pedicure and paid with my debit card. I figured when I signed it would have a spot to leave a tip. Nope. So I’m an asshole. Had a really great time and he was like so nice. I’ll have to go back and ask for the same guy again and then explain and remember to pay in cash so I can give a tip for last time.



Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.