North West Asked Mom Kim Kardashian Why She’s Famous And People Are Trolling Her Response

When it comes to the Kardashian family and their fame and fortune, it’s well known that people often mock them for becoming famous off of a sex tape.

While their reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians has brought them fame and fortune, it all started over a controversial tape that Kim Kardashian made with an ex-boyfriend and R&B artist, Ray-J.

Without the popularity of the particular story and Kim’s name becoming buzzworthy, Kris Jenner may not have been able to walk into E!’s network offices and pitch her family reality TV show. I mean, who would want to watch a family they know nothing about?

Many people have wondered, however, what the Kardashian sisters (specifically Kim) will tell their children when they start to wonder how and why they are all famous. For kids, it’s not “normal” to have people following you around with cameras and equipment all day and as they get older, they will start to have questions.

Think about when North, Saint, and Chicago get old enough to understand the world–maybe when they’re in 6th grade–and their friends’ parents gossip about Kim’s fame in their living room. The gossip has a very good chance of getting back to the kids and before you know it–North is asking her mom what a sex tape is.

So, when North actually asked Kim why she’s famous, Kim had to figure out what to say. 5-years-old is a little young to begin discussing the birds and the bees, so Kim went for a safer route. While appearing on Real 92.3’s “Big Boys Neighborhood,” Kim explained what went down in the conversation with her daughter.

And, while that’s the most appropriate answer Kim can give her 5-year-old, people on Twitter began trolling Kim for making her fame seem so innocent and clean.

Let’s be realistic here, y’all. North West is 5-years-old–she’s innocent. Despite being thrown into the spotlight and being surrounded by the media, Kim and Kanye are trying to give her a somewhat normal life. So, if Kim doesn’t feel like telling her child that she got famous from a sex-tape–I think it’s probably for the best.

Can you imagine the conversation that would follow? No 5-year-old needs to have their innocence taken away. Good on Kim for trying to protect her. When she figures out how to use Google, well, we’d hate to be a fly on the wall.