You Can Now Buy These Highly-Reviewed Bat Eye Masks To Make Your Dark Circles A Little Less Scary

Though some people like to get angry about the way many large stores (looking at you, Target) jump the gun on holidays several months in advance, every summer goth knows Halloween (and with it, colder weather) can’t come soon enough.


Spooky stuff is the best stuff. Unless its dark under-eye circles. Enter: these utterly fabulous Bat Eye Masks from Korean beauty brand Wish Formula which combine the best of both worlds (spooky and beautifying) and make you look freakin’ cool af doing it.

The mask is available at Costco ($25 for 10) or on Amazon ($32 for 10) and contain vitamins A and E, which help reduce puffiness and darkness under the eyes. The masks also feature Adenosine to combat wrinkles, Centella Asiatica to soothe the skin, fermented honey to heal damaged areas, and other skin-benefitting ingredients like Olive leaf ferment, Peppermint leaf ferment, Beta-glucan, Panthenol, Allantoin and Hyaluronic acid (which combats irritation).

Though reviews on Amazon are lacking, some quick research on the #bateyemask Instagram hashtag produced largely positive feedback to the mask. Many saw under-eye lightening and overall skin softening in just 20 minutes!

Instagram| @michelemil32

“????Fit : this is a funny bat shape mask that does fit easily under the eyes to cover your nose and under eye,” wrote one beauty blogger, adding: “Unscented which is great.Result: removed it after 30 min and my under eye did look brighter, fresh, soft and cool as well. No sticky finish afterwards.”

“I have used two masks so far, with 6 days in between each, and I have to say I love these things! not only are they adorable, but they left my face feeling smooth and soft afterwards. I noticed my eyes looking less tired, and puffy the following days and my nose pores getting a bit smaller. I would absolutely recommend these masks, and I will be buying more when the ones I have are gone. ????” wrote another.


So there you have it. Whether you are a fan of bats, Halloween, unique face masks, or all of the above, the bat eye eye mask has got you covered. Holy soft under-eye skin, Batman!