‘Nice Guy’ Goes On Crazy Homophobic Rant When Girl Suggests His Dog Might Be Gay

For those of us who have pets, we know that we can sometimes be incredibly overprotective of them. When we feel like our pets are in danger, we get defensive to make sure they are okay.
While protecting your pet from danger is understandable and normal, it’s crazy to attack someone over a mere suggestion. Seriously, bananas.

One guy is under fire by complete strangers on Twitter after he went absolutely ape sh*t on a girl for suggesting his dog may be gay. Chaselyn shared the text message thread between her friend and the guy–who is clearly a closet homophobe.

Here’s the adorable pup in question.


Chaselyn’s friend was texting “Eric,” when he said she should get a girl dog to see if his dog would be into female pups. But, she apparently lives in a dorm and can’t have a dog. So, she suggested that maybe the dog is gay.

“Eric” did not take this lightly. In fact, he was straight-up pissed off.


After a brief typo (homophobic*) “Eric” got so angry that he literally flipped out on the girl for merely suggesting that his dog could be attracted to other male dogs. He also accused her of “trying to impose her ideas on his animal.”


If you ask me, this guy is seriously homophobic and hasn’t dealt with his issues yet. Twitter agrees that this guy has some serious problems.

And, before you knew it, someone made a Twitter account for the poor gay dog.

The moral of the story is simple: don’t be a f*cking homophobe and treat your dog with some respect–even if he likes to sniff other dog’s of the same gender’s behinds.