20 Pictures That’ll Give All Current And Former Retail Workers PTSD Flashbacks

Have you ever worked retail? (If not, try it sometime. Find out how the other ((poorer)) half lives.) I sure have. It sucked! It was the worst! There’s nothing I dreaded more than going to work every day!

It wasn’t just the monotony and the lack of anything remotely interesting happening at any time. It was realizing that people are the worst. I always had a suspicion this was the case, but it wasn’t until I had to clean a pair of jeans smeared with actual human feces out of a fitting room that I realized people are straight savages.

And if you’ve ever worked retail, these (highly triggering) images might ring a bell or two. Proceed with caution.

20. This piece of chewed gum nicely wedged between two hangers:

19. And this one, chilling amid a drawer of screws:

18. This horrifying abuse of a baby changing station:

17. This movie theatre massacre:

16. This donut, returned to its donut friends half-eaten:

15. This dressing room chaos:

14. This really cool review:

13. This toy aisle:

12. And this linens aisle:

11. And this shoe aisle: