This Dad’s Horrid Mistake Will Make You Remember To Always Check Your Phone Before Connecting It To The Car

We all use our phones for just about everything nowadays.
Why pull out your bulky laptop to watch videos and movies when you can easily watch everything on your Smartphone? It’s no wonder we’re practically glued to them–they multifunctional. But, whenever you’re going to connect your phone to Bluetooth in public–like in the car, or a speaker–it’s important to double check your tabs, music, videos, etc. before doing so. One dad learned the hard way that sometimes, we just simply forget.

This Twitter user shared a video of his dad plugging his cell phone into the car’s Bluetooth and–what popped up was pretty unexpected. Apparently, he didn’t close out his browser tabs and left some inappropriate “Pornhub” videos up.

Even his mom was wilding out over it.

And, another one popped up, too.

Twitter was losing it.

And, some other parents did the same thing–WHAT GOES ON!?!