This ‘Bad Lip-Reading’ Of The Royal Wedding Is 100x Better Than The Real Thing

I’m sure that you–or someone you know–woke up at the crack of dawn last weekend and watched the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
While everyone wanted to take part in history and watch the ceremony from start to finish–it’s quite boring watching a wedding when you can’t truly hear everything, am I right? We can try to act as though we know what’s going, we really don’t know. Lucky for us, people on the Internet are hella creative and funny and bring us things like “Bad Lip Reading.”

If you’ve never seen their YouTube channel, you’re missing out. I first saw these guys when they came out with the NFL Bad Lip Reading and I was completely hooked because–it’s hilarious. The best part by far is when Prince Harry and Prince William are talking to each other–actually crying.

People on Twitter were thoroughly enjoying it.