20+ Women Who Are Just Fed Up With Men’s BS

If you are a woman and have not had it up to *here* with men’s BS, you must never leave the house or go on in the internet. Makes me wonder how you’re reading this. But I digress.

If you are a woman and manage to go a single day without having something mansplained to you, I’d call that a day well lived! Most of us aren’t that lucky, though. It is 2018, and men still out here trying to tell us what we can and can’t do with out bodies, shaming us for being too sexy, too homely, too fat, too skinny, and blaming us for their own insecurities. At least in this century, we aren’t being publicly set on fire for calling them out on their BS.

24. This baffled texter:

23. Literally every single woman who saw this tweet:

22. This neglected woman:

21. Dana:

20. This pregnant bather:

19. This girl, who is upfront about her needs:

18. This public belcher:

17. This badass:

16. This woman, who has swapped men for pizza delivery guys:

15. This Chance the Rapper fan:

14. This sociology major, who doesn’t have time to explain:

13. This chick, who has had it up to here: