Dad’s Over-The-Top Reaction To His Wife’s Fourth Pregnancy Will Make You Wet Yourself From Laughing

When any guy finds out their wife is pregnant, it can be a total surprise…but, in a good way. And sometimes, finding out your wife is pregnant can be a complete and total shock that you’re not ready for.

One dad found out his wife was pregnant with their fourth baby–their kids are all already 6, 11, and 15–and he was so shocked that his reaction is probably the most extra, over-the-top, hilarious video we’ve seen in a while. Not only was he convinced it was a joke, but he was bugging out that he and wife are “way too old.”

The video went viral on Twitter (seen over 3 million times) and was shared by several people who could not get over some of the incredible one-liners from this funny dad. Brace yourselves, this one is too good.

People were actually in tears on Twitter.

God Bless the Internet.