23 People Who Broke The World Record For Being Extra As Hell

Sometimes, you have to go that extra mile to really get your point across. Subtly simply isn’t an option anymore and you bring out the big guns. These people certainly did, and I cannot commend them enough.

1. This dad who is not letting his daughter forget her place

2. This bold suitor

3. This boyfriend who would not go unnoticed

4. This girl’s head of hair

5. This thrift store’s labeling skills

6. This password princess

7. This boyfriend who maybe got too creative with his pest control

8. This professor and his dramatic symbolism

9. This little girl who will be an expert plant mom

10. These kids with the most pure friendship you’ve ever seen

11. These parents and their dramatic decorating

12. This dad going through any and all lengths for his joke

13. This husband who appreciates a clean house

14. This father and his proudest moment

15. This guy and his new purchase

16. This photographer boyfriend

17. This financial genius

18. This Welsh patriot

19. This perfect pet mom

20. These puddle engineers

21. This person and their proposal to Gusher’s

22. This person who has not forgotten or forgiven Cindy from Jimmy Neutron

23. Satan

h/t: Buzzfeed