Emma Gonzalez’s Response To The Santa Fe High Shooting Is Pretty Much What Everyone Is Thinking

In the 22nd school shooting of 2018, at least eight students were killed and dozens injured at Santa Fe High School in Stana Fe, Texas.
According to reports, a gunman walked into the building with a shotgun and opened fire on an art class. A student pulled the fire alarm and students began running out of the building to get away from the active shooter.

According to CNN, this is the 22nd school shooting of 2018. There have only been 20 weeks in 2018 thus far. Amongst them was the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which sparked a fire inside the souls of several teens. These incredible students created an entire movement and opened the door to a conversation on gun control–organizing a movement as inspirational and moving as the March On Washington in 1963.

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After reports of the shooting spread across media outlets, numerous people issued statements on social media–including Parkland survivor and activist, Emma Gonzalez. She wrote:

Other gun violence survivors shared powerful words on Twitter, as well.

The March For Our Lives Twitter account also shared an important message.