This Girl’s Response To Her Friend’s Ridiculous ‘Soap Problem’ Is Too Good For Words

We all have friends that stress us out from the ridiculously stupid things they often do.

No matter how many times we say “I can’t even be surprised by your stupidity anymore,” they always find something just a bit dumber to do with themselves, and we just sit there like…SMH. One Tumblr user shared a recent text message exchange she had with her guy friend who clearly does not understand how to use handsoap…or facewash.

The guy, whose name is “Pankypants” in her phonebook, allegedly washed his rear end with energizing facial cleanser by mistake–thinking he was using dial handsoap (neither of which should go near your back door).

His friend promptly reminded him of this–in the greatest way possible.

Clearly, this girl has the whole sarcasm thing down to a T.