John Legend Finally Accepts That He Looks Like Arthur By Recreating Our Favorite Meme

For a few years, the Internet has been comparing John Legend to the popular PBS kid’s character, Arthur.

You can’t deny that the two look pretty similar–from their ears to their eyes.

Not only has the Internet obsessed over these long-lost twins, but even Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, has joked around about it on Twitter a few times. Everyone has always wondered if Legend was in on the joke–seeing as it’s all we ever talk about online.

Well–all of our questions have now been answered because, in a new commercial for the Google Duo, John Legend has finally made our dreams a reality–watch all the way to the end.

Not only does Legend dress up at Arthur, he recreates our favorite Arthur meme of all time.

Twitter cannot get enough of this–because, let’s be real, it’s everything we’ve wanted and more.