Artist Highlights Extreme Social Injustice In The Modern Society In His Powerful Illustrations

Can we ever hope to fix our society?

Or are we too far gone? Whatever your thoughts on this question, you have to admit that we are certainly in need of self-improving because we as a human society are at the lowest we have ever been.

That is probably why many artists have taken up projects to highlight the issues we face in this modern world. We claim that we are getting better, but when you peel off the outer layer, all you can see underneath is dirtiness.

A warning though, as some of these illustrations might be a bit too ‘out there’ for some viewers.

Source: Quilesart

#1 Violated by democracy.

#2 Unsuspecting hands.

#3 The power of being a woman.

#4 The gender discrimination in religion.

#5 How we see disabled people.

#6 Using your body for fame.

#7 Only the sharks survive.

#8 Sexual fantasies come to life.

#9 Religion in an impoverished world.

#10 The power of social media.