The Weeknd Got Choked Up While Singing About Selena Gomez At Coachella

After The Weeknd dropped his latest EP, fans were 150% sure that a lot of the songs were about his very public breakup with Selena Gomez.
One of the songs, “Call Out My Name,” is a heartfelt, raw, and honest ballad to Gomez from The Weeknd, even talking about how he almost gave her a kidney when she needed a transplant from her battle with Lupus. While performing at Coachella, the singer and songwriter performed the hit song and, had a few emotional moments where he couldn’t finish the lyrics.

The crowd was so quiet, you could literally hear the pain in his voice.

the full performance, enjoy having a mental breakdown {I}

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Clearly, the singer is having some emotional problems when it comes to his breakup–can you blame him? His ex was seen with her ex not even a week after their split, it has to hurt. Twitter was deep into their feelings over the performance.