Owls Born On Office Windowsill Keep Staring At People Inside And Twitter Is Cracking Up

Acting as though this image of baby owls doesnt bring boundless joy to your Friday morning is like sending owls to Athens; in other words, utterly pointless.According toUCLA Urban Planning ProfessorMichael Lens, a parliament of owls (thats the term, look it up!) was born on his colleagues windowsill several weeks ago.

Now the fuzzy babies are all grown up and staring into windows.

Its half cute and half disconcerting. Maybe it wouldnt be had that 360-degree gyrating head scene inThe Exorcistnever been, but giant eyes and fully rotational heads are apt to cause unease every once in a while.

Anyway, Lens tweet racked up over 162,000 likes, 38,000 retweets, and 2,000 comments, many of WHOm were incredulous about people in that office being able to get any sort of work done:

Twitter users quickly flexed their pun muscles:

Some had questions.

A few shared owl tales of their own:

But mostly, people wondered about that one owl all the way on the left:

Yeah, that one. Whats the deal with you, buddy?

Whatever the case, Id prefer to have a cat disguised as an owl outside my work window than no owl at all.