Someone Did A Mashup Of ‘A Quiet Place’ And ‘The Office,’ And It’s Too Good For Words

If you’re even remotely cognizant of new movie releases, then you’re well aware of A Quiet Place, the new horror movie from married team John Krasinski and Emily Blunt which is almost entirely silent. The film’s premise involves a survivalist family hiding from extraterrestrial creatures which use echolocation to hunt. The family must remain as quiet as possible so as not to alert the creatures to their existence.

As someone who stubbornly refuses to watch horror movies, it’s somewhat difficult for me to participate in the excitement surrounding this new film. (I’m easily frightened, so sue me!) Fortunately, there’s now a brilliant mashup of A Quiet Place and John Krasinski’s other claim to fame, The Office, which allows me to fully enjoy the concept of the movie without, you know, having to cover my face repeatedly.

In A Dwight Place, we get to imagine the inhabitants of The Office being terrorized by none other than Dwight’s cousin, Mose. (Who is actually played by Mike Schur, one of the writers on the show.)

This mashup has solidified two certainties for me: one, I need to rewatch The Office. And two, I need to avoid watching A Quiet Place at all costs, probably.