10+ Things Kids Under 14 Would Never Believe We Had to Do

9. Literal worst.

Do. Not. Miss.

8. I mean kids today think pressing a button to continue on Netflix is a lot of work.

We actually had to GET UP.

7. We’re going to be so much better equipped to deal with the dystopian future.

Which is obviously nigh.

6. When you had to put this in your cassette player to listen to your iPod.

AND we thought we were super cool. Plus it worked way better than those dumb radio things.

5. I actually forgot about this.

What was so special about Channel 3, anyway?

4. Netflix really was way ahead of the game.

Bye bye, Blockbuster.

3. Definitely a 90s kid problem.

One I sort of miss, for some reason?

2. Oh, the pain.

These went the way of the dinosaur prettttty quickly.

1. Devastating.

Cannot tell you how many hours I spent in front of my boom box with my finger poised over the record button.

This article first appeared on BuzzFeed.