This Dude Lost 70 Pounds And Now He’s Basically A G**damn Disney Prince

When we go through traumatic events in our lives, they can often change us for the better. 26-year-old Jeffrey Kendall knows this to be true after his mother got incredibly ill.

For anyone, seeing your parent fall ill can be extremely difficult, but Kendall decided to take his hardships and transform his life. His mother, Liliana, had a brain aneurysm and was in a coma in the hospital for an extended period of time. At the time, Kendall was over 250 lbs. and not in the best health. He decided that seeing his mother was the force to push him to get healthy.


“Seeing her in the ICU for weeks with her head shaved and stitched up and tubes running all sorts of directions — it’s an experience I hope nobody has to go through. It put my sadness and self pity into perspective.”


Now, Kendall has lost 70 pounds and grew his hair out, too. After seeing his tranformation, people cannot stop comparing him to a Disney Prince. I mean, he does look like he stepped out of a Disney movie.


While he has a new take on life, Kendall says he spends the majority of his time taking care of his mother.

“She’s in a wheelchair and she doesn’t remember much. She is under 24-seven care, but she’s able to eat on her own and have a conversation. I can get her to laugh. She always tells me how beautiful I am — though not sure how much has changed there.”

h/t 9gag.