Obese Teen Loses Half Her Body Weight In Stunning Transformation

Sometimes in life, we reach a point where we’re unhappy with ourselves and our appearance. When this happens, we decide we’re going to make big changes to feel better about ourselves overall. Many times, this has to do with our weight and body. While it can be because of outside influences, it can also be a desire to get healthier for ourselves and hopefully prolong our lives. When we do decide to lose weight, it tends to be a simple goal–maybe 5, 10 pounds. But, losing half of your body weight seems like something not many would be able to do. One teenager proved everyone wrong when she decided to do just that–in only 11 months.

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Josephine was unhappy with her body and appearance–mainly because she had been bullied all of her life. The 17-year-old from Queensland, Australia weighed 270 pounds before she decided to transform her entire life and body. The teen shared that her weight, the bullying, and everyday life challenges she faced when being morbidly obese was taking a toll on her mental health.  She shares a lot of her journey and struggles with her transformation on her YouTube channel, NoLongerFatJosie.

I have never shared this photo before. I’m pretty sure I never intended to! I have been so overwhelmed by all the support, encouragement and love from around the world and feel I no longer need to hide it! One of the main things that kept me motivated was my transformation photos. I would take them weekly and look for differences. In the last year I’ve made some huge lifestyle changes and I’m so thrilled that I can inspire others and contribute to their journeys in some way. Thank you so much for sharing my story, for your messages, and for sharing your own personal journeys with me. Be kind to yourself and don’t give up! #weightlossjourney #weightlossnaturally #weightlossinspiration #weightlosstransformation #courage #dontgiveup

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The teen admits that her food portions and sugar intake had a lot to do with her body weight.


“I’m a huge foodie. My portions were huge, and I used to eat so fast. Mom always used to tell me to slow down with my eating as I’d always be the first finished. I was also never interested in sport and would avoid it at all costs.”


Throughout her journey, the teen says she went through “cycles” where she wanted to do something about her weight, but never found the motivation. One day, she decided enough was enough and researched every way she could transform her body–and, lost 132 pounds.


“I cut sugar completely and reduced my carb intake. Sugar was the main thing. I tried many diets beforehand, but I never stuck to them. I did some research into sugar and was shocked at the amount of sugar I used to consume; it seemed to be in everything. “


Now, Josie uses her social media following and YouTube channel to inspire others with similar goals and desires to transform their own body.

Clearly, this teen knows the true meaning of dedication and is an inspiration to all–showing the power of hard work and perseverance.