21 Tweets That Prove All Baby Boomers, No Offense, Suck Balls

It’s no secret that baby boomers are low-key ruining society. As much as you love Nana, you’ve got to admit that her strong opinions on Asian Americans during Thanksgiving dinner are ruining the vibe a little bit. Doesn’t take more than a flip of the channel to Fox News to realize that baby boomers need to get their act together, fast.

They’re Always Pointing Fingers Without Acknowledging All Their Screw-Ups

They Refuse To Admit That Their Economy Worked Infinitely More In Their Favor Than Today’s

They’re So Positive They Know What’s “Ruining America”

Their Email Addresses Immediately Go To My Spam Folder

You Get One Of These Bad Boys From Them At Least Twice A Week

They Were Once Exactly What They Hate

Everything Is Always The New Generation’s Fault, Even Though We’ll Be Underwater In 5 Years Thanks To Their Shenanigans

Susan Thinks You Should Thank Her For A Handful Of Nickels

They’re Completely Blind As To What The “Real World” Is Anymore

They Covered Up Your Gorgeous Floors In Shag