21 Tweets That Prove All Baby Boomers, No Offense, Suck Balls

The Highlight Of Their Day Is Yelling At Your Assistant Manager

They Talk About Being Self-Reliant But Actually Need Our Help For Everything

Their Internet Explorer Browser Homepage Looks Like Times Square At Night

That Being Said, They Have Some Uses…

They’re Vastly Overpaid For Skillsets That Aren’t Useful To Anyone

They Won’t Take The Time To Return Carts To The Front Like A Decent Human Being

Their WiFi Passwords Take A Crack Team Of Hackers To Enter

Susan Won’t Keep Her Cheetah Print-Wearing Opinions To Herself

They Won’t Make Up Their Damn Minds

They Judge Us Even After Pulling Crazier Stunts In Their Youth

Seriously, The Judgement

Despite What I Just Said, They’ve Given Us This Absolute Gem And I Forgive Them For Everything Because Of It