None Of His Classmates Showed Up To This Kid’s ‘Stranger Things’ Birthday Party, But Millie Bobby Brown Totally Came Through

While life is full of disappointments, it’s important to remember that there’s still some good in the world — even on garbage-riddled services like Twitter.

Twitter user @ayenalambat recently shared some photos from her younger brother Aaron’s amazing Stranger Things-themed birthday party. Aaron apparently invited eight of his school classmates to attend — however, none of them showed up.

People were downright offended on Aaron’s behalf — and many even enthusiastically volunteered to attend Aaron’s next party.

The public generosity went above and beyond when Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown offered her condolences to Aaron and let him know to send an invite her way next time.

Obviously, @ayenalambat was totally flabbergasted that Eleven herself responded to the photos.

So, Aaron’s disappointed birthday turned out to be a monumental success — and a great story.

And don’t worry, Aaron’s classmates not showing up didn’t make his party an empty, barren desert: Aaron’s true friends totally came through.

Aaron’s sister updated everyone, letting them know that Aaron is past his disappointment and isn’t going to let his schoolmates get the best of him — he’s just not going to show up to any of their parties in the future.

Way to brush off the haters, Aaron. We’ll just see who’s laughing when the cast of Stranger Things shows up to your next birthday party.