Millie Bobby Brown Just Confirmed Her Relationship And Fans Are Disappointed

Over the past few months, “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown has been rumored to be dating a Vine star, Jacob Sartorius. The two have been flirting (low-key) on social media back and forth, posting adorable captions on photos and tweets. While many fans are on the FBI trail trying to figure everything out, it’s important to remember these two are teenagers–13-years-old. Remember when you were 13-years-old and had a crush on someone? We were busy making away messages on AIM with sappy song lyrics and writing their names in our notebooks, so, in reality, we were no better than 13-year-olds now.

Thanks for the bear ❤️

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After fans had been curious about their relationship on social media for a while, Millie Bobby Brown confirmed the rumors on Instagram, posting this photo of the two taken on New Year’s Eve.

Jacob joined Millie and her family in Disney World to bring in the New Year–which, is kind of a big deal. Plus, Millie looks extremely happy, decorating her photo with hearts. So sweet. Of course, it brings us back to our own younger days–I still remember being in love with my middle school boyfriend George and thought he was the absolute best person in the entire world and no one could come before him (I was 13, sue me). And, while we know these two are young and in love, many Twitter users can’t keep their opinions to themselves and are not ashamed to say they’re not shipping these two at all.