Men Share The Romantic Gestures From Their Partner That Have Completely Melted Their Hearts

11. The little things.

My girlfriend gently wakes me up with a kiss and a huge hug every morning before she heads to the gym or daily errands. It doesn’t seem like much but it honestly gives me what I need to drag my anxiety-prone ass out of bed every day. She always says “I love you” before she walks out of the room.

12. Guys love to feel macho.

Close and emotionally charged hugs. When she buries herself in my chest or neck. Makes me feel all strong and protective and absolutely melts me.

13. I’m crying.

My wife has dried, saved, and framed a flower from every bouquet I’ve ever given her. I have no doubt she loves me.

14. First thing on her mind every morning. 

Call me or text me first thing in the morning.

15. It’s cute.

Apologizing after an argument with that soft voice. Maybe I’m just weird.

16. Listening and caring counts.

One time I told a girl I liked red plum jelly. Next time I stayed over she had red plum jelly in the fridge.

Honestly, guys like anything that shows that you care. We are very emotionally isolated most of the time.

17. Caring about dental hygiene, a good wife.

My wife will put toothpaste on my toothbrush when we’re getting ready for bed. It’s the smallest thing but it is super sweet.

18. Same (about the Skittles).

My wife packs my lunch everyday. When I open it up I get warm and fuzzies because I know she made it for me. I can also tell how she’s feeling by what’s packed. No yogurt usually means that’s she’s stressed, so if I don’t have yogurt I try to pick up more of the shared tasks like laundry or mowing. It could mean that we’re just out of yogurt too, but I try to not go grocery shopping. I’ll go in for yogurt and come out with a 2 lb bag of Skittles instead.

19. True, always.

Effort. Your SO may not know exactly what you want or need, but as long as they try, that feels nice.

20. Wow. 

On Valentine’s Day or maybe it was our anniversary, she gave me a deck of cards labelled “52 Things I Love About You”, and each card had some unique little quirk of mine. Half of them were things I didn’t even realize I did. Absolutely melted my heart. We’re not dating anymore, but I still hang onto that deck of cards, even though now it just makes me profoundly sad.

21. Warning: this is the cutes sh*t I’ve ever read. 

Honestly? Everything. I punched above my weight when I met and married her. The woman is a fucking powerhouse. She takes care of our animals like only a mother could, she works her damn ass off and when I come home from work, she’s either cooked dinner ( she’s normally the cleaner upper after I cook, but as of lately she’s discovered cooking and gets so excited trying new things)

I’ve been working 12 hr days, then hitting the gym for hours afterwards, she’s super supportive of my goals in the gym, and is researching meal plans and usually has my protein ready right when I walk in the door.

Fuck, she’s my best friend first and foremost and just the way she looks at me so damn lovingly with the twinkle in her eye when I’m telling her about something I’m passionate about gives me butterflies. We’ve been together for 6 years, married for 1.5 and I can’t wait to scoop her into my arms and hold her and hear about her day and tell her about mine. Nothing I can do or say can ever really make her understand how much she saved my life and made me the better man I am today.

I’m going to go wake her up now and tell her for the 100th time today how much I appreciate and respect and love her.